Cesare Paciotti Home Collection

AD-MYRA has collaborated with LUXURY LIVING FURNITURE LLC, licensee of the Cesare Paciotti Home brand, as chief designer in the creation of some models of the collection.

The quality of the Brand is distinguished by the use of prime leathers, combined with soft and natural fabrics. The clean and unconventional lines give elegance and comfort. Cesare Paciotti Home offers the best experience in bespoke furniture.

Hettabretz Signature dressing

Since 1960, its unrivaled craftmanship and obsession for detail has made Hettabretz one of the beacons of exclusive fasion among the aristocracy and the international jet set.
An ideal complement to Hettabretz Style, the signature dressing was created in collaboration with the brand as their first branded "couture-dressing room": an exquisite enclosure, a secure vault to protect and showcase its "masterpieces to wear".

Glaze UAE Showroom

AD-MYRA is proud to present the new showroom of GLAZE Granite & Marble (UAE).
Glaze is a renowned brand in the natural stone industry, established two decades ago. Since this period, the people behind Glaze have worked relentlessly to create a symbol of quality and customer satisfaction.
Specialized in premium Natural Stones handpicked from best quarries around the world,

Stone Collections

Essential, pure and yet raw in their natural beauty - a cobinations of the rarest and most precious stones in the world with the depth and purity of polished chrome.
The Stone Collections is a series of limited objects for the modern lifestyle: inspired by the pure and abstract lines of modern architecture, its a tribute to the ever changing power of nature, set in stone.