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Design Collection

Hettabretz Signature Dressing

Since 1960, HETTABRETZ has been one of the most sought after and exclusive Italian fashion brands. Unrivaled craftmanship and obsession for detail has made Hettabretz one of the leading brand among the aristocracy and the international jet set, conquering the heart of the Royals as well as some of the most discerning names and premiere stars such as Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor.
ADMYRA was selected by Hettabretz to create the first Hettabretz branded couture-dressing room, an exquisite enclosure, a secure vault to protect and showcase its "masterpieces to wear". Boasting details perfected using some of the rarest materials available, the dressing is the incarnation and unique formulation of the spirit and soul of Hettabretz.


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